July 2013 – Education Abroad Employees

This month, the Forum on Education Abroad and ACE have added new resources.

Please find the Preliminary Report: 2013 Institutional and Program Resources Survey as a free publication by the Forum in the Institutional Structures and Education Abroad sections of the site. This report provides preliminary data from responses to the Individual set of survey questions in the 2013 Institutional and Program Resources Survey. Questions in this set were designed to collect data on job descriptions, salaries, and profiles and work experiences of individuals employed in education abroad. Stay tuned for additional analysis and a report on data from the Organizational survey, designed to gather information regarding administrative structures, budgeting and staffing in education abroad.

ACE has added the next installment of Internationalization in Action, which focuses on faculty engagement in internationalization. This can be found under web resources in the Faculty and Administrator Development section. This segment features solutions from the field to common challenges faced, such as ensuring impact on student learning, funding faculty travel, and meaningfully integrating international students.


Summer Reading – June 2013

This month, AIEA and NAFSA have added new resources. The following resources can be found in the Curriculum section of the site:

  • AIEA has posted a recent webinar under publications for purchase, which focuses on joint and dual degrees. Jane Knight and Philip Altbach offer their perspectives on the evolution and current trends of these collaborative academic programs.
  • NAFSA has added Improving and Assessing Global Learning as a web resource.  Based on case studies of three institutions, Madeleine Green identified key model practices for developing and using global learning outcomes.

Additionally, NAFSA has also published two new entries in its series of Trends & Insights in international education.  In the Additional Resources section, click on the Web resource Trends and Insights to read Acting as Global Citizens: A Challenge to U.S. Colleges and Universities, also by Madeleine Green, and Alan Ruby’s piece, International Education Supply and Demand: Forecasting the Future.

Spring into Action with New Resources – March 2013

ACE, AIEA, and NAFSA have each contributed resources this month:

ACE has added, Internationalization in Action, to the web resources in the Comprehensive Internationalization section. As part of ACE’s effort to provide guidance to institutions engaged in internationalization, this resource features institutional strategies and good practices gathered from participants in its Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement’s programs as well as from other experts in the field. Topics rotate quarterly, and each installment includes examples, sample documents, and advice from a variety of institutions. The first installment focuses on the Internationalization Committee and can also be found in the section on Institutional Structures.

AIEA‘s Presidential Perspectives Series features a new article entitled “Growing International: Breaking Down Language Barriers and Paochialism” by Alberto Bustani, President of Bustani Sustainable Growth Strategies and Former President of the Monterrey Campus of Tecnologico de Monterrey. To read it, please visit the Comprehensive Internationalization and Institutional Structures section under Free Publications. Additionally, AIEA 2013 Conference presentations are available on the AIEA website. To view them, please visit the Comprehensive Internationalization section under Free Publications.

NAFSA has added two new Trends & Insights papers in recent months: “Higher Education Internationalization: Seeking a New Balance of Values” by Eva Polack of IAU can be found under Comprehensive Internationalization, and George Mehaffy’s “Challenges and Change” in university models under the Curriculum tab.

New Year, New Resources – January 2013

Happy New Year!

Two new resources are available from AIEA.

AIEA’s new Provosts’ Perspectives Series features an article titled “Lifelong Learning and Global Engagement Keys to Success,” adapted from remarks delivered by University of Virginia Executive Vice President and Provost John Simon at the University’s Fall Convocation on October 26, 2012.

Please visit the Comprehensive Internationalization and Institutional Structures sections under Free Publications to read them.

Past AIEA webinars are available. Please visit the Comprehensive Internationalization section under Web Resources to view.