Deciding Upon Speedy Strategies For Online Casino Australia Real Money

Slots remain among the most popular casino games at the moment. Even a beginner can play such games by simply mastering the basic rules and familiarizing himself with the paytable. At the same time, despite the random nature of winning combinations, players use some strategies to protect themselves from a quick loss and increase the likelihood of winning.

Simple Strategy

Such strategy is designed for players with small bankrolls, but those who want to play on a curve with a high risk of return:

  • The player starts by betting two coins.
  • If the player wins, he will play for three coins in the next spin, regardless of his current bet.
  • If the player loses, he decreases the number of coins by one.

Step-by-Step Strategy

This is a conservative strategy that is aimed at saving bankrolls during failures. In this strategy, the bet is raised by one coin if the player wins and decreases by one coin if the player loses. The first bet consists of two coins. Although the player does not cash in on the winning streaks to the same extent as in the previous strategy, he defends himself during the losing streaks.

3-Star Strategy

This plan is based on the point that winning or losing streaks do not end with single wins or losses. Therefore, the strategy requires continuous sequences of bets. The 30-bet sequence will consist of 10 bets of three coins, then 10 bets of two coins, and then 10 bets of 1 coin each. This sequence does not change under normal circumstances. However, 4 losses in a row require the player to go 10 bets with one coin less, and 4 consecutive wins demand from the player to go 10 bets with one more coin.

Chicken Strategy

In this strategy, the gambler continues to change the slot machine after each game, like a chicken on the move:

  • The player writes his bankroll and the number of spins he wants to play.
  • He divides the bankroll by following the number of games.
  • Let’s say he plans to spend 30 coins on a game. He develops a strategy for every play based on 30 coins.
  • As soon as he draws 30 coins on a machine, he stops playing it and continues on another machine.

Squirrel Strategy

In this strategy, the player keeps some of his winnings separately, as the squirrel stores nuts. To execute this strategy, the player must win as quickly as possible. Suppose a player wins $50. The player allocates $30 and plays with $20. If he loses $20, he has $30 left. If he wins again, the player will again save some of his winnings. Therefore, he remains the winner in any case.

The strategies described above can be tested in the game of free slots, which will help you get to know the game on slot machines better, evaluate the proposed strategies and practice in preserving and increasing your credit.

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