October 2012 – New Resources

Happy fall, everyone!

This month, we are excited to announce resource contributions from AIEA and NAFSA:

AIEA‘s Presidential Perspectives Series features a new article entitled, “The Role of the Academy in Facilitating Global Understanding” by Rolf Tarrach, president of the University of Luxembourg. To read it, please visit the Comprehensive Internationalization and Institutional Structures section under Free Publications.

NAFSA’s new, free e-publication by John Hudzik and JoAnn McCarthy, Leading Internationalization: Strategies and Tactics for Action, presents a flexible leadership framework for the what, why, and how of both strategy and action for comprehensive internationalization. It can be found in the resources tab under Comprehensive Internationalization.

In addition NAFSA has added a number of Trends & Insights papers in recent months: Implications and Trends in International Student Enrollment; A Utilitarian View of Rankings; and Regional Globalism and Higher Education in Asia. These new entries can be reached by clicking on Trends & Insights in the Additional Resources list under the resources tab.

Best Practices Resource- September 2012

IIE has posted information in the Comprehensive Internationalization section about the Andrew Heiskell Awards for Innovation in International Education. These awards showcase best practices for campus internationalization.

Summer Reading–July 2012 Resources

We hope that your summer is going well and that you are managing to stay cool. Check out the following resources for summer reading:

ACE has added the newly released report titled, Mapping Internationalization on U.S. Campuses: 2012 Edition, to the site. This report is the only comprehensive source of data on internationalization in U.S. higher education institutions from all sectors and includes two- and four-year, public and private, degree-granting institutions. It can be located in the Comprehensive Internationalization resource section under free publications.

IIE has posted three new resources. First, IIE is hosting a higher education fair series in Asia and information can be found in the International Students and Scholars section. Second, information about their ongoing free webinars on the Fulbright Scholar Program is available under Faculty and Administrator Development. Lastly, in the Assessment and Evaluation section, IIE has posted information on its Center for Academic Mobility Research.

June 2012- New Resource

We hope everyone is enjoying the start to summer!

AIEA‘s Presidential Perspectives Series features a new article by University of New South Wales (Australia) President and Vice-Chancellor Frederick G. Hillmer entitled “Developling Global Citizens – an Australian Perspective.” Please visit the Comprehensive Internationalization or Institutional Structures section under Free Publications to read it.

How does your campus measure internationalization? May 2012 Resource

We hope that all campuses have had a successful end to this academic year.

We have one new resource this month from NAFSA.

NAFSA has added a new free e-publication, Measuring and Assessing Internationalization, by Madeleine F. Green.  The publication looks at the inter-related institutional and student learning dimensions of assessment, and surveys the state of the field in approaching them.  It appears in the Assessment and Evaluation section of the resources.

April Additions 2012

This month we are excited to announce resource contributions from AIEA, IIE, and NAFSA:

AIEA‘s Presidential Perspectives Series features a new article by Queen’s University (Canada) Principal and Vice-Chancellor Daniel Woolf entitled, PSE Globality: What are the Marks of a Truly Global Post-secondary Educational Institution and How Do We Benchmark Them? Please visit the Comprehensive Internationalization and Institutional Structures section under free publications to read it. Additionally, AIEA has posted a link to their 2012 Annual Conference presentations in the Comprehensive Internationalization section.

IIE has added three new resources under the Partnerships & Collaboration section.  The first, Developing Strategic International Partnerships, features an instructive panorama of partnership programs from around the world and can be found under publications for purchase. The second, Global Partnerships Service (GPS), is a program that offers expertise to higher education institutions around the world seeking academic partnerships in the U.S.  This resource can be found under programs & institutes.  Lastly, the International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP), located in the events section, provides information on the year-long program.

NAFSA added another in its series of white papers on the impact of study abroad on curriculum.  Study Abroad in U.S. Business Management Education looks at how leading business schools are aligning curricula with the skills that are needed in the global marketplace, and can be found in both the Education Abroad and Curricula resource sections under free publications.