February 2011 Update

This month, IIE has added two new publications for purchase under Partnerships and Collaborations. The first, Higher Education in Africa: Equity, Access, and Opportunity, addresses the challenging triad of access, quality and cost in African higher education, with special attention on four countries: Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. The second, Open Doors 2010 Report on International Education Exchange, provides long-standing, comprehensive statistical analysis of academic mobility between the U.S. and the nations of the world. Additionally, this edition includes a special section on global student mobility trends from IIE’s Project Atlas.

New Year, New Resources: January 2011 Updates

Happy New Year!

We are excited to share that the following resources have been added the the site:

AIRC has added a White Paper titled, “Toward Professional Standards and Practices in International Student Recruitment.” This free publication can be found under International Students and Scholars.

NAFSA recently released a major, new e-publication, “Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action”, available for free in the Comprehensive Internationalization section.  Authored by John K. Hudzik, former vice president for global and strategic projects at Michigan State University and former president of NAFSA, this 40-page publication offers presidents, provosts, deans, and international education professionals in both student services and academic disciplines fodder for thoughtful consideration of the challenges and potential pathways toward comprehensive internationalization.

In addition, NAFSA posted new resources from its 2010 Symposium on Internationalizing Teacher Education (see Curriculum) and a review, Assessing Assessment: Important New Research in Education Abroad (see Assessment and Evaluation).

October 2010 Updates

This month, NAFSA and IIE have added the following resources:

New NAFSA free publications were added this month:  Leading Internationalization in Times of Fiscal Restraint (listed under Comprehensive Internationalization) and Financial Strategies for Expanding Study Abroad (listed under Education Abroad). These resources provide both theoretical frameworks as well as practical suggestions senior international educators can apply when resources are constrained.

IIE also added a free publication: International Education as an Institutional Priority (listed under Comprehensive Internationalization). In addition they have provided information for applying to the event, International Academic Partnerships Program (listed under Partnerships and Collaboration). Please direct any questions regarding this program to Lisa Long at iapp@iie.org.

Additionally, the Fulbright Scholar Program, administered by the scholar division of IIE (CIES), has included information about this program under Faculty and Administrator Development, Education Abroad, and Co-Curriculum.

New Resource- September 2010

Autumn Greetings!

AAC&U recently posted a resource titled, Engaging Diverse Viewpoints, which is related to their Core Commitments initiative.  This publication focuses on whether—and which—campus environments promote students’ abilities to understand and be informed by perspectives that differ from their own. This resource can be found in the following sections:  “Comprehensive Internationalization, Institutional and Cultural Change”, “Faculty and Administrator Development”, and “Additional Resources.”

August 2010 Announcements

Dare I say that summer is almost over and the fall semester is quickly approaching. Our August announcement is as follows:

AIEA has included a link to their “Contemporary Issues” Webpage on the “Comprehensive Internationalization” resource page.  Contemporary Issues provides a space for some of the cutting edge presentations/papers from AIEA conferences to be accessed. If there are particular topics you’d like to see represented here, please email aiea@duke.edu

July 2010 Update

This month, AIEA has added a link to their Listserv Summary Report. This overview of policies, procedures, and survey results has relevance in several resource categories and can be found under “Comprehensive Internationalization, Institutional and Cultural Change,” “Institutional Structures, Policies, and Funding,” as well as “Conferences, List-servs, and Periodicals.”

Additionally,  the AIEA Call for Proposals is underway for 2011 Annual Conference, “Competition and Collaboration in the Global transformation of Higher Education.”  More information on the AIEA Annual Conference can be found on the “Conferences, List-servs, and Periodicals” resource page.

June 2010- What’s New?

Since the May update, AAC&U, IIE, and NAFSA have added several resources.

Under “Comprehensive Internationalization, Institutional and Cultural Change,” “Faculty and Administrator Development,” and “Curriculum,” AAC&U has added the Call for Participation for its newest project, Shared Futures: General Education for a Global Century, funded by the Henry Luce Foundation.  This curriculum and faculty development project seeks to redefine and reinvigorate general education by focusing its attention on global interdependence, American pluralism, social responsibility, scientific literacy, and integrative inquiry through high-impact, interdisciplinary learning.  More details can be found at http://www.aacu.org/SharedFutures/global_century/index.cfm.  Deadline for applications: September 15, 2010.

IIE has included three new resources.  An updated Open Doors CD-ROM, covering every issue of the Open Doors Report from 1948-2008, can be located under “Assessment and Evaluation”; a report titled, Innovation through Education: Building the Knowledge Economy in the Middle East, can be found under “Partnerships and Collaboration”; and, information on IIE’s Higher Education Fairs, which occur fall 2010, is in our “Conferences, List-servs, and Periodicals” section.

NAFSA has posted a new resource that frames the issues involved in international enrollment management in the International Student section of the resources this month.  Two further entries from NAFSA have been added:  An introduction to assessment and evaluation, to be found in that resource section, and an addition to the curriculum section, providing three examples of innovation in teacher education.