Community Engagement and Advocacy

Web Resources

International Higher-Education Measurement is Coming—But Who’s Holding the Ruler? (ACE): ACE’s position on OECD’s Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education (AHELO).

Internet Resources for Community Programming (NAFSA): links to a variety of resources.

Overview of State-level Initiatives (NAFSA): Legislation, proclamations, consortia, and commissions that benefit international education.

Publications (Free)

A Crucible Moment: College Learning and Democracy’s Future (AAC&U): This report from the National Task Force on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement calls on the nation and the globe to reclaim higher education’s civic mission.

Building Bridges (NAFSA): 2003 article (pdf) by Josef Mestenhauser in International Educator outlines how Internationalization at Home  bridges the gap between campus and off-campus, theory and practice, and curriculum and co-curriculum.

Diversity and Democracy, Volume 14, Number 1 (AAC&U): This  issue focuses on educating students for personal and social responsibility in a diverse nation and interdependent world.  Diversity and Democracy is published three times a year.

State engagement in higher education internationalization efforts: What should international officers know? (AIEA): This Issue Brief, by Jason E. Lane and Taya L. Owens, identifies four broad areas in which state governments in the U.S. are influencing international higher education.

Publications for Purchase


AAC&U Annual Meeting (AAC&U): This year was AAC&U’s Centennial Annual Meeting—“Liberal Education, Global Flourishing, and the Equity Imperative”—which will examined the multiple meanings of “global flourishing” for individuals and society. Click on Session Materials, under Resources, to find session PowerPoints, handouts, and other useful resources. AAC&U’s Annual Meeting is held each year in January.

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