July/August 2016 – New Resources

AIEA has added several new resources to the INCI site.

Under International Students and Scholars – AIEA Research Agendas for the Internationalization of Higher Education series aims to reflect on existing research, identify gaps, and encourage new research to address the gaps in internationalization. The first two publications in this series are available: “A Research Agenda for Inbound Mobility: Understanding the International Student Experience on U.S. Campuses

Under Faculty and Administrator Development – “They were at the Beginning: Lessons from Leaders of Internationalization” is a new series of interviews conducted by Dr. Joan Gore provides knowledge from leaders who led the internationalization of higher education in the U.S. and abroad in the late 20th century. (AIEA)

Under Faculty and Administrator Development –  “Managing from the Middle: Eight Tips for New International Education Administrators for Working with Faculty” by Nick J. Gozik, Boston College. This Issue Brief offers eight tips for new SIOs on managing from the middle, with a focus on working with faculty members. (AIEA)

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