November 2015 – New ACE Resources

ACE has added several new resources to the INCI site.

Under Faculty and Administrator DevelopmentInternationalizing the Tenure Code: Policies to Promote a Globally Focused Faculty: This report examines how institutions have incorporated internationally focused criteria into their tenure and promotion policies. Based on an analysis of 91 policy documents, the report includes examples of language used, information about trends in terms of focus and content, and strategies for implementation.

Under Comprehensive Internationalization, a new installment of Internationalization in Action, “Global and Intercultural Education in the Co-curriculum,” the second in a three-part series on co-curriculum.

Under Additional ResourcesInternationalizing Higher Education Worldwide: National Policies and Programs: This report analyses the array of government-initiated higher education internationalization programs and policies in place around the world. The companion piece, Internationalizing U.S. Higher Education: Current Policies, Future Directions, takes an in-depth look at internationalization-related federal policies in the United States, and includes recommendations to improve their effectiveness.

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