August -September 2015 – New Resources

There are two new additions from AIEA. On the Institutional Structures Page: Moving to the Center: Five strategies for strengthening institutional commitment to global initiatives (2015) describes the importance of global competencies for students is widely acknowledged, yet SIOs and the units they lead are often on the periphery of colleges and universities  Fortunately, formal power is not the only way to increase the impact and prominence of global initiatives.  This Issue Brief offers five strategies SIOs can use to better understand their institutions and help them “Move Global to the Center.” And on the Education Abroad page, “Ten quick tips for working with education abroad provider organizations” (AIEA, 2015). The proliferation of provider organizations working in the broadly-defined “industry” of U.S. education abroad, has made it increasingly challenging for even the most experienced education abroad professional to differentiate organizations and to determine with whom to partner. Long-standing affiliations and professional loyalties are being tested by the arrival of a new cadre of innovative and entrepreneurial organizations and without doubt competition for students and attention is intensifying. This AIEA issue brief provides ten quick tips for working with study abroad providers. 

NAFSA has added a new resource to the Comprehensive Internationalization section. Developing Sustainable Resources for Internationalization provides international education professionals with the information they need to successfully obtain funding and resources to support their internationalization efforts.

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