March 2015 – New Resources

AIRC has added a link to its new paper Agency Based International Recruitment: Members’ Perceptions on Baseline and Best Practices in Agency Management, Campus Services For International Students, Institutional Transparency. This paper is in support of AIRC’s core mission to identify and promote standards and best practice in international recruitment. In the paper, AIRC asked experienced institutional and agency members to address the question: “What would key elements of baseline and best practices look like on a typical AIRC campus?”  This resource can be found in the International Students and Scholars section as a free publication.

AAC&U has added several new resources this month. Two resources have been added to the Conferences, Listservs, and Periodicals section. The first is AAC&U’s 2015 Global Learning in College Network for Academic Renewal Meeting in October, and the second is a link to information about the AAC&U Annual Meeting. In the Assessment and Evaluation section, a link has been added to the AAC&U Global Learning VALUE Rubric, which is a free resource for institutional-level use in evaluating and discussing global learning. In the Curriculum section, AAC&U has added a link to Campus Models and Case Studies in the area of global learning. In the Faculty and Administrator section, resources have been added from the 2015 AAC&U Centennial Annual Meeting.

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