Summer Reading – June 2013

This month, AIEA and NAFSA have added new resources. The following resources can be found in the Curriculum section of the site:

  • AIEA has posted a recent webinar under publications for purchase, which focuses on joint and dual degrees. Jane Knight and Philip Altbach offer their perspectives on the evolution and current trends of these collaborative academic programs.
  • NAFSA has added Improving and Assessing Global Learning as a web resource.  Based on case studies of three institutions, Madeleine Green identified key model practices for developing and using global learning outcomes.

Additionally, NAFSA has also published two new entries in its series of Trends & Insights in international education.  In the Additional Resources section, click on the Web resource Trends and Insights to read Acting as Global Citizens: A Challenge to U.S. Colleges and Universities, also by Madeleine Green, and Alan Ruby’s piece, International Education Supply and Demand: Forecasting the Future.

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