October 2011- Updated Resources

This month AIEA, NAFSA, and AAC&U have added new resources to the site.

As mentioned in our blog last month, AIEA has launched a new Presidential Perspectives Series. The next article, written by Pace University’s President, Stephen J. Friedman, is now available.  Please visit the Comprehensive Internationalization and Institutional Structures section under free publications to read more.

NAFSA has added two resources this month:  MyCAP: My Cultural Awareness Profile for pre-service teacher education (see Curriculum section) and Internationalization: Where Are We Going?, proceedings from NAFSA’s 2011 Symposium on Leadership (see Comprehensive Internationalization section).

AAC&U has posted a new resource, The LEAP Campus Toolkit, under Comprehensive Internationalization, Institutional and Cultural Change, Mission and Strategic Planning, and Curriculum.  In addition to a growing collection of global learning resources,  LEAP Campus Toolkit’s interactive library contains a number of rich examples of campus work and assessment instruments from a variety of fields. Users are able to comment on and discuss the content, share the most actionable resources with colleagues, and submit their own examples to be shared in the Toolkit. The site has been developed by AAC&U as a project of Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP). A public advocacy, campus action, and research initiative, LEAP provides a voice and a vision for twenty-first-century liberal education.

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