June 2011- Kicking off Summer with New Resources

This month, The Forum on Education Abroad and NAFSA have added new resources to the site.  Read about them here and then follow the links for more information.

The Forum on Education Abroad has several new resources available in the Education Abroad section.  The 4th Edition of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad has undergone an extensive revision and expansion, and includes more clarity and definition of Standard #8 on Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management. The new edition also contains new language on non-discrimination, assessment, and environmental and social responsibility as well as new appendices that provide guidelines on advising, institutional relations, and marketing.

The 2nd Edition of the Code of Ethics for Education Abroad also includes a number of updates and revisions, while the 2nd Edition of the Education Abroad Glossary includes many new terms.  A special publication, A Tenth Anniversary Celebration, documents the founding, history, and development of the Forum.

NAFSA has released a six-page executive summary of John Hudzik’s e-publication, Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action.  The summary and e-publication can be found under the Comprehensive Internationalization section and can be downloaded for free from the NAFSA Web site.

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