New Year, New Resources: January 2011 Updates

Happy New Year!

We are excited to share that the following resources have been added the the site:

AIRC has added a White Paper titled, “Toward Professional Standards and Practices in International Student Recruitment.” This free publication can be found under International Students and Scholars.

NAFSA recently released a major, new e-publication, “Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action”, available for free in the Comprehensive Internationalization section.¬† Authored by John K. Hudzik, former vice president for global and strategic projects at Michigan State University and former president of NAFSA, this 40-page publication offers presidents, provosts, deans, and international education professionals in both student services and academic disciplines fodder for thoughtful consideration of the challenges and potential pathways toward comprehensive internationalization.

In addition, NAFSA posted new resources from its 2010 Symposium on Internationalizing Teacher Education (see Curriculum) and a review, Assessing Assessment: Important New Research in Education Abroad (see Assessment and Evaluation).

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