June 2010- What’s New?

Since the May update, AAC&U, IIE, and NAFSA have added several resources.

Under “Comprehensive Internationalization, Institutional and Cultural Change,” “Faculty and Administrator Development,” and “Curriculum,” AAC&U has added the Call for Participation for its newest project, Shared Futures: General Education for a Global Century, funded by the Henry Luce Foundation.  This curriculum and faculty development project seeks to redefine and reinvigorate general education by focusing its attention on global interdependence, American pluralism, social responsibility, scientific literacy, and integrative inquiry through high-impact, interdisciplinary learning.  More details can be found at http://www.aacu.org/SharedFutures/global_century/index.cfm.  Deadline for applications: September 15, 2010.

IIE has included three new resources.  An updated Open Doors CD-ROM, covering every issue of the Open Doors Report from 1948-2008, can be located under “Assessment and Evaluation”; a report titled, Innovation through Education: Building the Knowledge Economy in the Middle East, can be found under “Partnerships and Collaboration”; and, information on IIE’s Higher Education Fairs, which occur fall 2010, is in our “Conferences, List-servs, and Periodicals” section.

NAFSA has posted a new resource that frames the issues involved in international enrollment management in the International Student section of the resources this month.  Two further entries from NAFSA have been added:  An introduction to assessment and evaluation, to be found in that resource section, and an addition to the curriculum section, providing three examples of innovation in teacher education.

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